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Oct 2020- selling some of our laying girls, all three breeds, these girls have laid for 2 years and will lay for 2 more- humane to give them a break from the rooster.  6 Americana and Maran laying hens= $35.  4 Ayam Cemani laying hens = $45. 6 Roosters = $15 each.

Dec 2020- Hens left:  2 Ayam Cemani hens and 1 Americauna hen, 1 young Americauna rooster

Jan 2021- Broody Ayam Cemani hatched out 4 chicks in fall, now 8 weeks old- $20/chick.

Jan 2021- just separated breeds into chicken tractors for string hatching.  It about 3 weeks of separation to guarantee the fertile eggs are not crossed between a rooster from a different breed and that hen. 


Feb 2020- will start collecting pure, fertile eggs and start incubating


Mar 15- expected date for first hatching 

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