Come on out for a visit

One of our favorite times on the farm is when folks come and visit... families... other chicken owners... folks new to chickens.

We can show you around, let the kids explore, share chicken stories and secrets.


Come see how chicken tractors work

- Help harvest eggs for the day- right out from under the hens!

- See what our broody mamas are doing with their eggs

- come play with the baby chicks in the brooder or in their safe coop

- check out the incubator and watch newly hatched chicks dry off and move to the brooder (select weekends)

- feed snacks to Bo- our mini horse- he loves everybody!!


1.  We only have visitors from March- October.

2.  We value our chicken's safety and our NPIP certification.  If you come to visit, please do not wear shoes/boots or clothing you use at your place to tend to your animals.  Humans can carry bio-hazards from one farm to another.

3. We will ask you to sanitize your hands before and after visiting with our animals.

4.  Please call ahead if you want to schedule a visit- Saturdays & Sundays only.   615-477-7002

5.  We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the property, or set further restrictions on any visit for any reason.

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Springfield, TN

615-477-7002  (Jack)

629-867-6999  (Carly)

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