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Recent News

Oct 2020- selling some of our laying girls, all three breeds, these girls have laid for 2 years and will lay for 2 more- humane to give them a break from the rooster.  6 Americana and Maran laying hens= $35.  4 Ayam Cemani laying hens = $45. 6 Roosters = $15 each.

Dec 2020- Hens left:  2 Ayam Cemani hens and 1 Americauna hen, 1 young Americauna rooster

Jan 2021- Broody Ayam Cemani hatched out 4 chicks in fall, now 8 weeks old- $20/chick.

Jan 2021- just separated breeds into chicken tractors for string hatching.  It about 3 weeks of separation to guarantee the fertile eggs are not crossed between a rooster from a different breed and that hen. 


Feb 2021- will start collecting pure, fertile eggs and start incubating


Mar 15, 2021- expected date for first hatching 

Mar 20, 2021- First weekend filling pre-orders, please be patient

Apr 2021-  Created partnership with The Serama Autism Project!  See post on our Serama page.


May 2021-  Purchased and donated over $600 in new chicken coops (tractors)  and feeders for our new Serama groups to start breeding Seramas for The Serama Autism Project!  Remember that all your purchases of Seramas go directly to supporting this important cause. 

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