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New For 2020 ~ We only have a few and these are truly special "Little Gems".

The Serama chicken is a decorative type coming from in the Kelantan state of Malaysia within the last 50 years. The breed is also recognized as Ayam Serama as well as Malaysian Serama. It is a true bantam chicken type and is not standard. Serama chickens make gorgeous animals and buddies, both inside your home and outdoors. Their small size calls for a little area and also a pair or triad can conveniently be caged in a 3 foot by 2-foot unit.


VERY EXCITING NEWS!!  We are partnering with The Serama Autism Project- a non-profit organization that provides companion animals to families with members on the autism spectrum.  16 HappyHens is raising Seramas here in Central Tennessee for that program and will donate free Seramas to families who need a companion bird.  Seramas are incredibly intelligent, with training they can learn sign language, easily connect with humans and want to please.  Because of their size and termerment they make excellent companion animals.  All proceeds from the sale of any Seramas will go directly to The Serama Autism Project.  Check them out here:


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