Finally, the true Lavender Ameraucana chickens are here!

The Ameraucana chicken is one of the most popular chickens in the world. They lay a ton of bright blue eggs and have a sweet and friendly temperament. They do well free-ranging or confined and are cold and hot weather hardy chickens. They have a pea comb which makes them less susceptible to frostbite compared to chickens with large single combs. They also have tufted ear muffs that give them a puffy face and bearded neck.


Lavender colored chickens are a new fab happening lately in the backyard chicken industry and Lavender Ameraucanas are one of the newest and hardest Lavender chickens to find of great quality.

Lavender Ameraucana FAQs: 

Origin: America 
Type: Standard Large Fowl
Size: Medium (6-7 lbs)
Rarity: Extremely Rare (Color Variety)
Purpose: Egg Laying
Egg Laying: Good (3-4/week)
Egg Color: Blue
Egg Size: Medium
Unique Feature: Ear Muffs & Beard
Cold Hardiness: Hardy in Winter
Heat Tolerance: Decent Heat Hardiness
Docile: Yes, very friendly
Setter/Brooder: No
Bears confinement: Yes bears confinement very well!
Personality: Very Sweet & Fun Chickens!