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If you have organic chickens, then you get organic eggs!  In addition, our farm is certified by the National Poultry Improvement Plan so you know your eggs come from healthy chickens.

Did you know that eggs from a store (even organic eggs) are, on average, 40 days old? That's why store eggs are refrigerated- because they are so old. Your eggs from our farm will be fresh- within 1-2 days of being laid.  They will keep for another 4-5 weeks outside the refrigerator or 5-6 weeks in the refrigerator.  You don't need to store eggs in the refrigerator.  We bet you'll eat them long before that!!

Also- never wash your eggs until just before use.  Eggs are laid with a natural "bloom"- a microscopic coating from the mother hen that wards off bacteria so the embryo would be protected from biological agents for the 21 days it takes to hatch.  If you wash eggs, you wash the bloom off and your shelf life drops dramatically to just a week or two. 

$5 per dozen, and if you reuse our green cartons, it's $4.50 per dozen

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