Black Copper Marans- $15 

We are sorry but we are taking this year to enhance the line by blending our line with a new (better) line from the Mashburn Maran Line from Leoma, TN.  their Line has even darker brown eggs.  We will resume selling Marans in Spring, 2022.

Lavender Ameraucauna's- $15

This line came from "Once In A Blue Moon Farm" and we have improved the line for 2 years now.  They lay a beautiful light blue egg.  The are docile, enjoy contact with humans

Olive Eggers- $10

These are a cross between the two breeds listed above and these girls lay green eggs.  This is our third year for these chickens- we cross the Lavender Americana hen with the Copper Maran Rooster and vice versa. First-year Olive Eggers are called F-1 chicks, they lay a medium green egg.  We have bred these girls back to both a lavender rooster (Durango) and a Maran Rooster (Stetson).  The F-2 chicks that come from the Olive Egger and the Lavender Americanas lay a light green egg (peppermint).  The F-2 chicks that come from the Olive Egger and the Maran Rooster lay a dark green egg (Dark Olive).

Ayam Cemanis- (all straight run chickens- not sexed): $20

* Accepting Pre-orders for 2021

This is our fifth year of improving the line of our Ayam Cemanis- we introduced new roosters into the line- we bought them from a very well known Hatchery called Green Fire Farms- last year we raised them all and kept the best rooster (Rowdy) to be the rooster for this year's chicks.  This breed is very rare in the U.S. and difficult to find good quality- all black lines.  Please NOTE: as chicks, they can show grey fur and some toes are yellow- these will all turn black when the feathers come in and the pullet grows.

All purebred chicks are straight runs- not sexed- you will get some roosters, but we incubate at lower temperatures and there is some research finding a higher hatch rate for hens in cooler incubators. 


We use a professional line GQC incubator and hatcher that digitally controls temperature and humidity for a high hatch rate.  We also installed an automatic humidifier system.  New chicks are available from March to September. We may have chicks that are weeks old, or even a month or two... but not always- so call ahead.

Occasionally, one of our girls will get broody and just start sitting on a clutch of eggs!!  We think this is a natural instinct and it makes the broody mama happy, so we let her hatch these naturally.  We are tracking "natural hatched" chicks separately from "incubator" chicks.  For their safety, and the safety of the flock, we keep them separated from the incubator eggs/chicks.  You will get to choose between "natural hatched" chicks-typically older (if available) and "incubator chicks".


If you have an NPIP certified farm, we would be happy to trade breeding stock roosters 1 for 1 so that we can both maintain clean, diverse bloodlines. Please call and we can work together.

If you are not NPIP certified, we give away our roosters as long as you can promise to love them and keep them humanely (no cock fighting, etc.) Roosters are great protectors for your flock, if you live where you can have a rooster, you should have one- especially if there are predators in your area.   

Instructions on How to send payments for orders below.

Payments through Paypal without a fee.

Black French Copper Maran
Lavender (Self Blue) Ameracauna
Ayam chick 6.jpg