We are glad you connected with us here and hope this gives you a glimpse into our happy little farm.  In this world dominated by tech innovations and social media overload, we find solace in unplugging from that chatter.  There is something peaceful and rewarding about watching our flock waddle through dew-covered grass at 6 am, looking for their breakfast, as the sun is just rising over the treetops of our Tennessee farm. We get excited about holding a tiny, newborn chick in our hands and carefully placing them in the brooder for their first day of life. 

       We aren't "crazy chicken people"...we have just rediscovered that a simple life connected to the earth and it's abundant life is enjoyable and enriching. If you want to add chickens to your lifestyle/family/home, we can help.    

       Connect with us by e-mail, and let's figure out together how chickens can bring happiness to you. We are only accepting pre-orders for 2022 at this time. 

We wish you Peace & Happiness

Jack & Carly

16 (probably more) Happy Hens

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